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Apr 2017 News

Here is the April 2017 newsletter from NHSPA. 
(from Ron St. Jean)
The annual NHSPA member meeting will be held Sunday, April 23, 11:00 AM in the Adams Room of Fuller Hall at NH Institute of Art, 156 Hanover Street Manchester, NH 03104. 
We will first cover some NHSPA administrative items, including the election of board members for the coming term. There’s one board vacancy coming up. If you are interested in joining the board please see the next item in this newsletter for more info.
Following the administrative portion of the meeting, which is usually pretty short, there will be a presentation on NH campaign photography by Renee Giffroy, Roger Goun, and Michael Sterling.  
Here is the detailed agenda:
    - Approve minutes of April 24, 2016 annual meeting
    - Treasurer’s report (Sarah Flause)
    - Solicit volunteer to serve as auditor
    - Membership report (Michael Sterling)
    - Solicit suggestions for show venues, programming
    - Event updates: Highland Center Retreat (Claudia Rippee and John Anderson), Star Island (Marie Hogan), Exeter Show (Carol VanLoon)
    - Solicit web site help
    - Board Elections: 1. Will 2/3 of members present vote to extend the terms of Sarah Flause and David Murray (both have served three 2-year terms); will members re-elect Barbara Zulkiewicz, Michael Sterling, and Claudia Rippee for a 2-year term? 3. Nominations required for one additional board member to fill one vacancy. See note from Richard Moore below for more info if you are interested in serving as a new board member.
    - Any other business
    - PROGRAM: Renee Giffroy, Roger Goun, and Michael Sterling will present a fascinating program on campaign photography. Please participate by bringing along a print or two of your own campaign photos from 2016 to share with the group.
    - Adjournment, followed by a brief board meeting to elect officers
Hope to see many of you there!
As always, if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me: ron@ronstjeanphotography.com
(From Richard Moore)
At the Annual Meeting on April 23rd (see prior item), NHSPA members will vote for a new slate of board members for the organization.  The slate will include renewing current board members as well as filling one vacancy.
Please step up if you are willing to serve.  The board oversees the three major events of the organization, in Exeter, Star Island, and Crawford Notch, and looks after the finances and membership.  The board is also interested in planning more smaller local programs and shows around the state.  
Please contact Richard Moore if you are interested: richard.rwmoore@gmail.com
The Bylaws call for eight voting members elected by the membership, plus the immediate past president. Board members are limited to three consecutive two-year terms.  Per Article VI Section E, “this limit my be suspended on a case-by-case basis by ? vote of all voting members of the Board, and ? vote of the Membership present at the Annual Meeting at which the election is to take place.”
Current board members who are either in mid-term or are running for reelection include:
John Anderson
Marie Bristol
Michael Sterling
Barb Zulkiewicz
Sarah Flause
Claudia Rippee
David Murray
Ron St. Jean will become the new immediate past president.
Former presidents may remain involved with voice but not vote.
Richard Moore
(From Claudia Rippee and John Anderson)
NHSPA Members: We hope you can join us for the fourth annual retreat at the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch this May 19-22.  It is our hope to spend the weekend making ART, and being in the company of friends.
Here is a link to the agenda for the weekend and additional info, on Google Drive (subject to change, update or modification of course):
Please feel free to share with other photo minded peoples/groups! 
AND John has started a flickr group for photos from the event.  Find that here:
As promised, we can now take payment on PayPal for this retreat. So when you are ready, feel free to send a payment for the spring retreat to:  NHSPA.highland@gmail.com in PayPal,  or, John will invoice you for it.  
If you have questions, or wish to register please contact  John Anderson at jsanderson@plymouth.edu, cell 603-726-8879.    A cash bar will be available on Friday and Saturday social times.  As of this time there are still some rooms available for NHSPA members Group #337272 at the Highland Center. Call them at (603) 278-4453.  Rooms with a shared bath/night $73 and private bath $105 per person including breakfast and dinner.  
Thanks for making such a great group of creative photographers!
See you soon,
John and Claudia
NHSPA’s board is seeking a technically savvy volunteer to help us update our web site platform. The volunteer would lead efforts to evaluate candidate platforms, help transition current web content to the new platform, and help set up systems to allow for convenient updating of content by appropriate people within NHSPA. We are leaning toward using one of the template-driven systems that are now available and optimized for our type of organization, so we are not thinking that any coding is involved, just being savvy enough to evaluate and set up such a template-based system. If you are willing to help with this effort please contact David Murray (djm@ClearEyePhoto.com) or Sarah Flause (s_flause@yahoo.com).
(from Marie Bristol)
The Star Island retreat will be held Sept 7 thru 10th. That's a Thursday to Sunday. Old members and new are invited to attend. There are discounts for anyone who has never been on Star or if you have not been out for 3 or more years. You must fill out request for discount on line, before May 1st, to receive your discount. Make your decision early and take advantage of this 30% discount on your room and board. Sid Ceaser will be our guest photographer. He is a portrait and still life artist and a wonderful guy. The weekend in his presence will be nothing short of inspirational. Experience his mini workshop, talk photography with other members or relax and explore the island on your own; its all okay. If you have any question you can call or email Marie. 603 851 2224 bristolphoto@hotmail.com
(from Becky)
Becky Field has two photos in the juried Continuing Education Exhibit at the NH Institute of Art's Sharon Art Gallery (30 Grove Street, Peterborough, NH). They are images from her photography trip to India in 2013. That exhibit can be seen through April 30. 
See http://www.nhia.edu/about/news-and-events/events/community-education-exhibition for more info.
(from Kristin)
Bob and I have been invited to be part of the Camera Commons:
2nd Invitational Show 
Featuring the work of Kristin Burchsted, Robert Burchsted and Christy Utter
Workshop Gallery
Opens April 23 thru July 9. Opening reception April 23rd 1-4pm. 
Located at 652 Central Ave, Dover, NH
(from David Speltz)
This is important and sad news for photographers everywhere.  Rayko, located in San Francisco, and which Camera Commons is modeled, is closing April 30 after 26 years of service to the photographic community. If you do not know Rayko, it made a huge mark internationally with fine exhibits promoting contemporary photographers, and provided rental facilities to the photographic community. Many of us know Anne Jastrab, a fine curator and photographer and who made Rayko a great place to work and exhibit. For those who can, buy photographs! It keeps photographers and places like Rayko alive and well.
David Speltz
Camera Commons
A Creative Community for Photographers
(from Rob Hahn)
This my be of interest to some members: there is a book by the name of A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT, The first hundred Years of  NEW ENGLAND PHOTOGRAPHY, by WILLIAM ROBINSON. NY Graphic society, little, brown & company. Some story and pics from a fellow named Samuel Bemis, and Edward Everett Hale. Circa 1840, Crawford Notch. Plus much more history related info.
There is another publication LENSWORK many may be familiar with it. look up lenswork.com or lenswork daily.
(from Sarah Flause) 
Thru Apr 8
Observance: As I see You, You See Me, “a group exhibition of photographic portraits…each photographer explores how identity is constructed through the lens of the cultural, political, and personal circumstances of their subject.” Montserrat College of Art, Hardie Building, 23 Essex St. Beverly, MA. www.montserrat.edu 
Thru Apr 9
Momentum: Works by the Art and Art History Department Faculty, Selected works by Sachiko Akiyama, Brian Chu, Richard Fox, Craig Hood, Julee Holcombe, and Donald Williams will be on display. Works of painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, and photography will fill the Museum’s upper level Carter Gallery. UNH Museum of Art, Paul Creative Arts Center, Durham, NH. www.cola.unh.edu 
Thru Apr 9
Portraits of the Self, featuring Karl Baden, Jay Goldsmith, Nancy Grace Horton, Frances Jakubek, Andrea Rosenthal, Storm Self and Carol Van Loon, Streetside Gallery, Artists’ Gallery Talk, March 12th, 2-4pm. Winter Landscapes – a juried exhibition of photographs, Workshop Gallery, Camera Commons, 652 Central Ave., Dover, NH. www.cameracommons.com
Thru Apr 10
Roger Farrington: Celebrity in Boston, “an exclusive selection of fifty of Farrington’s classic candid shots of internationally known celebrities who visited Boston between the years of 1976 and 1996.” Panopticon Gallery, 502c Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA, www.panopticongallery.com 
Thru Apr 23
Body/Image, “…the human figure has been mainstay of the photographer since almost the inception of the medium. Figure photography imitating the style and subjects of classical painting constituted some of the fine art photography of the time. As technology advanced, photographers began to create their own figure photography sub-genres, ranging from the crass to the sublime.Fine art figure photography is now routinely taught in art curriculums.” Juried by Gary Samson, artists reception April 9th 3pm, Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT. www.darkroomgallery.com
Thru Apr 30
Pairings, “in collaboration with Ouimillie and Camden Hydes. This exhibition features fine arts photography and contemporary furniture paired in a curated gallery installation.” 555 Gallery, 555 E 2nd St, Boston, MA. www.555gallery.com
Thru Apr 30
The Thrill of the Chase, “The Wagstaff Collection of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum… highlighting both masterpieces and lesser known works from Wagstaff’s collection. Well-known photographers such as William Henry Fox Talbot, Gustave le Gray, Julia Margaret Cameron, Edgar Degas, Walker Evans, Dr. Harold Edgerton, Diane Arbus, Robert Frank, and William Klein will be featured, among many others. The prints, drawn exclusively from the Getty’s permanent collection, are of very high quality and will interest a wide spectrum of visitors.” Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Square, Portland, ME, www.portlandmuseum.org
Thru Apr 30
Elizabeth Ellenwood. “Everyday scenes and objects are reduced to elegant assemblages of line, shape and texture in the work of photographer and NHIA alumni Elizabeth Ellenwood. Ellenwood is rapidly establishing a reputation for her work, which relies on the use of medium and large-format film cameras and traditional wet darkroom processing.” NH Institute of Art, Sharon Arts Center (Main Gallery), 30 Grove Street, Peterborough, NH. www.nhia.edu
Thru May 29
Artist’s Choice: Photographs from the Judy Glickman Lauder Collection, “The photographs in this focus exhibition all belong to the artist and collector Judy Glickman Lauder, who has spent her life immersed in photography. She is an acclaimed photographer herself, yet her joy in the medium began during her childhood, when she would model for her father, Irving Bennett Ellis. Lauder began collecting photographs over 40 years ago, visiting the studios of other artists whenever possible and finding community and friendship through photography—both as an artist and an admirer of the works of others. An active participant in the Maine Photographic Workshops (now the Maine Media Workshops) in Rockport, she began swapping photographs with friends she met there in the 1970s and ‘80s…Artist’s Choice presents highlights from Lauder’s collection, including prints of some of the most celebrated images of the 20th century. They are mostly, but not exclusively, American, and many works were made either in Maine or in her home state of California.” Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Square, Portland, ME, www.portlandmuseum.org
Thru Jun 18
Imogen Cunningham: In Focus, “Showcasing the range of photographer Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976).” Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA. www.mfa.org
Thru Jul 9
Let Us March On: Lee Friedlander and the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, “Marches are happening globally in order to protest the denial of human rights among specific groups, both nationally and internationally. In a politically charged time in what will become the history of our country, it’s important and necessary to commemorate and honor those who came before us, giving us the freedom to keep fighting and to keep progressing.” Friedlander’s photographs celebrate “the 60th anniversary of the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom” when thousands of activists “united in front of the Lincoln Memorial on May 17, 1957, the third anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka.”  Yale University Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel Street (at York Street), New Haven, CT. www.artgallery.yale.edu
Thru Jul 30
Memory Unearthed – The Lodz Ghetto Photographs of Henryk Ross, “Memory Unearthed” offers an extraordinarily rare glimpse of life inside the Lodz Ghetto during its existence from 1940 to 1944, through the lens of Polish Jewish photojournalist Henryk Ross (1910–1991)” Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA. www.mfa.org
Thru Sep 3
A Feast of Beasts, “From common pets to exotic beasts, animals have been captured visually, showcasing the ways that they are used for practical and metaphorical ends,” Works by Shelley Reed, Lee Friedlander, Jim Dine, Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait and Anna Hyatt Huntington. Fitchburg Art Museum, 185 Elm Street, Fitchburg, MA, www.fitchburgartmuseum.org
Thru Sep 4
Mosaic: Exploring Our Multicultural Neighborhood, “to promote appreciation and inclusion of other cultures through the arts…to raise visitors’ awareness and stimulate their curiosity to know more about the culture of the indigenous people who lived here before the arrival of European… artists include Vita Lane, Teri Weidner, Robert Squire, Taylore Kelly, Jeannie Brett, Joe Reardon and Tess Feltes,” Gallery 6, Children’s Museum, 6 Washington Street, Dover, NH. www.childrens-museum.org 
Thru 2017
Making Modern, “A five-gallery exhibition on the third floor of the MFA’s Art of the Americas Wing explores what it meant to be in the vanguard of Modern art in the 20th century. Specific gallery shows include:
Kahlo and Her Circle, “…the work of Frida Kahlo in the context of works by her family and friends in Mexico City. Anchored by the MFA’s recently acquired painting Dos Mujeres by Kahlo, the installation includes photographs by Tina Modotti, Edward Weston, and Imogen Cunningham—including a portrait of Kahlo—works in various media by Diego Rivera, and recently acquired archival material related to the artists, including a wedding portrait of Kahlo and Rivera by Victor Reyes.” Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA. www.mfa.org
Apr 6-May 28
Voice of the Woods by Koichiro Kurita, “…the aim of this project was, and is, to give pictorial form to Thoreau’s ideas and writings by employing the existing photographic methods in Thoreau’s time and invented by his contemporary, photography pioneer William Henry Fox Talbot…Kurita has chosen to work with Calotype, an early photographic process, invented by William Henry Fox Talbot in 1841, in which a paper negative is produced and then used to make a positive contact print in sunlight.” Arbor & Frost by Lee W. Bass, “I make small, intimate photographs. I am drawn to the tactile, to the subtleties of light, shadow and mood…” and Quarries of New England by Steven Keirstead “Keirstead creates photographic diptychs and triptychs of abandoned rock quarries in the six New England states.” opening reception April 9th 4:00-6:00pm, Griffin Museum of Photography, 67 Shore Rd, Winchester, MA www.griffinmuseum.org
Apr 7-Apr 30
Jesse Burke: Wild & Precious, “works bringing together treasures from a series of road trips traveled over 5 years by photographer Jesse Burke and his daughter Clover to explore the natural world.” Opening reception April 7th 5:30-8:30 p.m. Vermont Center for Photography, 49 Flat St., Brattleboro, VT, www.vcphoto.org
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