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Mar 2017 News

Here is the March 2017 newsletter from NHSPA.




(from Ron St. Jean)

The annual NHSPA member meeting will be held Sunday, April 23, 11:00 AM at the NH Institute of Art in Manchester. See address below. Board members will present information about the Highland Center retreat, the Star Island retreat, the treasurer’s report, a membership report, and we will hold an election for board members. And, we have asked several distinguished local photographers to present images they took during the course of the 2016 presidential campaign season in New Hampshire. We hope all members will be able to attend, and we look forward to seeing you!

The meeting will be held in the Adams Room of Fuller Hall at NHIA, 156 Hanover Street Manchester, NH 03104 




(From Claudia Rippee)

NHSPA Members: I hope you can join us for the fourth annual retreat at the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch this May 19-22.  It is our hope to spend the weekend making ART, and being in the company of friends.

Our Crawford Notch and photography have been together as long as photography has been done on the shores of the New World.  Dr. Samuel Bemis a dentist from Boston brought one of the first daguerreotype cameras to his home in Crawford notch where he made some of his first and subsequently the nations first images of the area.  

Being a diverse group with many talents, we invite you to share an expertise.  Share your work, and share your talents.  We will leave time to share, social time, time to share our expertise, and time to review each others work.  

We start registration on Friday afternoon.  Come for the beginning of our time together and an introduction to the cyanotype process and making negatives for our weekends printing.  Friday after dinner we plan on a social time and time to take photographs under the stars.  Saturday morning rise early to catch the sunrise, or join friends, new or old to explore and photograph the White Mountains, the woods, trails and waterfalls in the northern part of our state.  
Our hope is to use the best light in the morning and evening to our advantage finding some exciting, inspiring, beautiful places in the mountains and forests of the north country.  Our mid day hours to be spent working with the images we have created.  Editing, printing and revising our work with the help of our facilitators, experienced photography educators.  The cyanotype process while simple lends itself to an array of different colors, and looks.  We will explore some of the ways we can control and manipulate the process over the weekend.  T-shirts will also be available to coat, and make into a piece of art.  

Your NHSPA membership and a $85 registration fee will cover the expenses of putting on the event. 

If you have questions, or wish to register please contact  John Anderson at jsanderson@plymouth.edu, cell 603-726-8879.    A cash bar will be available on Friday and Saturday social times.  We have reserved a block of rooms for NHSPA members Group #337272 at the Highland Center until March 20.  Call them at (603) 278-4453.  Rooms with a shared bath/night $73 and private bath $105 per person including breakfast and dinner.  

We encourage you to bring different materials, papers, or fabric to print on as well as any images from your portfolio past or present that might be made into something new with the cyanotype process.  If you have any questions about the weekend, please call John Anderson 603-726-8879 or email at:  jsanderson@plymouth.edu.

We hope you can join us for a fun and creative weekend photo retreat!



(from David J. Murray)

In 2011, under the leadership of National Geographic photographer/multimedia producer Todd Gipstein, NHSPA Star Island Retreat attendees produced a lovely video of still images set to music called Shooting Star. While there has been significant interest in using that video to help promote NHSPA and the retreat, we have been unable to do so due to licensing issues, primarily relating to the music.

I would like to create a new version of that video, based on the spirit and style of the original, that NHSPA could use for promotional purposes. I am inviting past Star Island Retreat attendees to submit images to me for inclusion in the new video.

The overall video would be Copyright NHSPA, and NHSPA would have the right to display the video online and at events, and to license it to Star Island Corporation for sale, with proceeds to benefit them and NHSPA (no royalties to me or to photo contributors). However, all contributors would also be granted a license to use the video for their own promotion too, and the video trailer material would clearly identify the photographer of each included image, assert that photographer's copyright ownership of their respective image(s), and provide the photographer's contact info/web site, in a form acceptable to the photographer. So the video would serve as a great promotional vehicle for each included photographer, and it would be to everyone's benefit for it to be distributed/seen as widely as possible.

If you are willing to have images included under those terms, please email up to 10 options to me by April 1 of this year. These may be low res and watermarked; I will request higher res unwatermarked versions for any that are selected for use in the video. And, of course, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or input.




(From Karen Kelley)

I recently joined the NHSPA, having seen the beautiful work displayed in Exeter, NH.  "I want to be part of that!"  As of this month, my equine photoart will be exhibited, year round, at the Village Goldsmith Gallery in downtown Dover, NH.  Dover will be hosting a monthly Art Walk from 5 – 8 PM, on the first Friday of each month, which includes this gallery.  Hope you visit!



(From Ellen Ryder Griffin)

Eye of the Beholder Theme Show 
Seacoast Artist Association
130 Water Street, Exeter, NH  

"Eye the Beholder" includes 15 pairings of photographers and painters. Subjects, interpretive approaches, and techniques vary widely resulting in an intriguing 'must see' show. This is a powerful show bridging the gap between photographers and painters as in working together, they get to know one another and build an understanding of each others artistic process.

Please join us at the reception Friday March 3rd from 4-7 to meet the artists and enjoy refreshments, or come by during regular business hours to simply enjoy. This exhibit remains through March.

Ryder Griffin Photography



(From Paul Wainwright)

Beginning mid-March and running through mid-June, I will have a solo show of my Colonial Meetinghouse work at the corporate headquarters of Eversource, 780 N Commercial St., Manchester, sponsored by the League of NH Craftsmen.  The show will be in the main lobby area and will be open to the public.  Other details, such as hours of operation and a possible reception, will be forthcoming in the April newsletter.  Stay tuned!

Paul Wainwright



(from David Speltz)


Sunday, March 12 
Gallery Talk - 2-4pm (free) “Why Self Portrait?” featuring Jay Goldsmith, Andrea Rosenthal and Carol Van Loon. 2-4pm

Wednesday, March 15        
Meetup: Lightroom/{Photoshop (free) Subject: TBA. Please register at www.meetup.com. 615pm -9pm

Sunday, March 19
Meetup: Seacoast Analog Photography (free) Subject: Selecting Candidate Images for Darkroom Printing.  Please register ash www.meetup.com.  1PM until finished.

Sunday, March 25
Hand Coloring Black and White Prints.  See our website for details.

Sunday, April 2
Astronomy Day at Camera Commons 1-4pm (free) There will be a talk on basic aspects of astronomy - what is up there, what to look for, binoculars, telescopes, and a little bit on astrophotography. Walk-ins and children are welcome. In the following months Camera Commons will schedule workshops each month on aspects of astro-photography.  Please attend this talk for more details, or watch our website.

Sept 28 - Oct 1        
Large Format Workshop -  $595 Limited to six attendees, Richard Ritter, Vermont camera craftsman and David Speltz will repeat the 2016 workshop that was so successful this past Fall. Learn the skills, or improve upon them as you work with faculty to take full control of your view camera (we will supply you with a view camera at no cost if you do not have one). Learn the advantages of various movements the camera offers, the advantages of various film types and developers.  See our website for more information.

At Your Convenience:
        Individual Lightroom and Photoshop Workshops
        Individual Platinum Printing Workshops
        Individual Silver Gelatin Printing
        Individual Basic Photography
        Individual Studio Lighting
email us for more information at info@cameracommons.com

The Galleries at Camera Commons

Portrait of the Self: images by Karl Barden, Jay Goldsmith, Nancy Grace Horton, Frances Jakubek, Andrea Rosenthal, Storm Self and Carol Van Loon in the Streetside Gallery.

Winter Landscape, a juried show of winter’s best by regional photographers in the Workshop Gallery.

Both shows are on view until April 9.

Camera Commons is Open 9-5 Thursday - Saturday and 12-5 Sunday
Other days and hours by appointment

Telephone 603-842-4713
Email info@cameracommons
Website www.cameracommons.com
652 Central Avenue, Dover, NH



(from Bud Thorpe)

The Studio of Photographic Arts (SOPHA) is pleased to present their upcoming classes and programs.  Remember: SOPHA is more than a rental studio!  We run classes, hold gallery shows, and rent lenses, camera bodies, and photographic lighting equipment too!

03/08/17    Retouching Faces in Photoshop
03/11/17    KickStart Studio Lighting
03/12/17    Mastering Autofocus
03/18/17    Advanced Studio Lighting
03/21/17    Lightroom: The Full Course presented by Rob Sylvan
04/02/17    The Business of Wedding Photography presented by Marina Z and Jenn Bakos
04/03/17    Basic Photography (Newmarket, NH)
04/06/17    In Person Sales: Going from $300 to $5000
04/09/17    Photo Back Up and Storage presented by Monte Kamps
05/01/17    Secrets of Photographing Youth Sports presented by Joe Brown
05/08/17    Basic Photography Class (Manchester, NH)
05/20/17    The Perfect Export: Aspect Ratios, Resolution and Cropping
05/21/17    Location Lighting Class (save the date!)
05/28/17    From the Hearth: Creating a Food Story presented by Jenn Bakos and Jess Ramos  (save the date!)
06/03/17    Sit. Stay. Smile. The Art of Dog Photography. presented by Kim Sancranti

Sensor Cleaning and Tutoring and Mentorship sessions are scheduled on a one-on-one basis.

Don't forget that we hold a monthly image review night for our Studio and Education Members on the second Tuesday of the month - non-members can attend as a guest of a member, or, if you don't know a member, as a guest of studio - just call to make arrangements.

As always we would welcome your visit and the opportunity to show you our space and tell you more about our community of photographers - just give us a call or email to arrange a time that works best for you.

For more info go to www.theSOPHA.com, or email Bud@theSOPHA.com or call us at (603) 782-8403.


For 'SHOWS IN THE AREA' and the rest of the newsletter SEE MAR 2017 NEWS PART 2 (We ran out of room!!)