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May 2016 News


Here is the May 2016 newsletter from NHSPA.



(from Ron St. Jean)

The NHSPA annual meeting on April 24 at the NH Institute of Art was attended by 24 members. The meeting began with an informative talk on panoramic photography by Kathy Tarantola. Following her presentation, we held the annual business meeting, which included the following:

- Members approved the minutes of the 2015 annual meeting
- Sarah Flause gave the treasurer’s report (the organization is in good financial shape)
- Ron St. Jean summarized the 2016 Exeter show (53 participating members, 
  101 framed photos, 80 unframed photos in racks)
- Claudia Rippee & John Anderson previewed the 2016 Highland Center retreat
- Barbara Zulkiewicz spoke about the 2016 Star Island retreat, and announced that she
  will be stepping down as coordinator after this September’s event. We will 
  need a volunteer to take over that role.
- John Anderson was re-elected to the Board of Directors, and Marie Hogan 
    was newly elected to the Board (Thanks and congratulations to both!)

Following adjournment of the business meeting, attendees proceeded to the basement where Gary Samson and Bev Conway demonstrated the wet plate process, and Gary produced a portrait of NHSPA founder Peter Randall. Photos of the demonstration are posted on the NHSPA Facebook page, thanks to Joe Mazzaglia and Sarah Flause.



If you have not yet taken our recent survey please do so at your earliest convenience.  Your feedback is very important to us, and it only takes a few minutes. Here’s the link:


Thank you.



Our NHSPA Retreat at the AMC Highland Center in Crawford Notch is in roughly 2 weeks: May 20-23. There may still be some rooms available at the Highland Center (http://www.outdoors.org/lodging-camping/Lodges/highland/index.cfm), or at nearby locations.

Members who cannot attend the entire retreat are welcome to drop in as their schedules allow. Activities will be based out of the Washburn Room at the Highland Center. 

Here’s the current working schedule, which may be tweaked a bit between now and then:

Friday May 20  Our arrival date
Friday we will work at exploring our weekend environment.  There are lots of hiking, walking and exploring opportunities in the Crawford Notch as it sits right in the middle of the White Mountain National Forest.  
John will hike up the Bemis Trail, one of his favorites with lots of little waterfalls and interesting rock formations.  Another couple miles up the trail we have the Arathusa falls, the largest falls in New Hampshire.
6:00 Dinner for those staying at the Highland center it is included, for those who are not, it is extra.
7:30  We will meet for an introduction to our weekend presenter, Thea Dodds.  Thea will introduce the process, and we will mix and coat some materials for use on Saturday. 
9:00 Mixer and Mingle with a print swap.  Bring an 8x10, OR send a digital file to John to print for the print swap.

Saturday May 21
7:00 AM  Breakfast for Highland Center Guests
8:00  Explore and Create,  Explore the WMNF and take photos, find objects for photograms or stay at the Highland Center, and start working making cyanotype photograms.
10:00 Thea Dodds Work Presentation,  Learn about Thea’s Art.
Noon  Lunch for Highland Center Guests
1:00 All About the Digital Negatives.  We will provide a certain amount of materials for making digital negatives so you can explore creating your digital photographs as cyanotypes.
3:00  Creating Cyanotypes, Negatives, coating and printing.
6:00  Dinner for Highland Center Guests
7:30 Toning and Creating cyanotypes.  
9:00  Photo Film  TBD

Sunday May 22
7:00 AM  Breakfast for Highland Center Guests
8:00  Explore and Create,  Explore the WMNF and take photos, find objects for photograms or stay at the Highland Center, work at making cyanotypes, negatives, or toning our prints
Noon  Lunch for Highland Center Guests
1:00  Other Member Presentations
4:00  finishing our art.  John will bring mat cutters and will teach mat cutting techniques.  
6:00 Dinner for Highland Center Guests
7:30 Cocktails and Peer critiques

Monday May 23
7:00 AM  Breakfast for Highland Center Guests
8:00 Critiques of Weekend work and Weekend cyanotype exchange
Noon  Wrap Up Weekend.

Check nhspa.org or the nhspa Facebook page for last minute info, and feel free to contact John Anderson with any questions. info@onthespotphotography.com 



(from Barbara Zulkiewicz)

NHSPA Star Island Retreat:  Thursday, September 8 - 11, 2016

I am thrilled to say that it is early May and we already have 10 people signed up for Star this year!  We have found that a good maximum number of attendees is 18, so if you are interested - don't miss out and please sign up on the Star Island website at:  http://starisland.org/program/nhspa-photographers-retreat-shooting-star-photography-retreat/. The cost of the workshop is $85.00 and the cost of room and board will depend on your choice of accommodations.  This information is also available on the Star Island website.  One of our attendees is Kathy Tarantola, who was our guest speaker at the annual meeting on April 24th at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester when she gave a wonderful and informative presentation on panoramic photography, will be joining us!

Our guest photographer this year is William (Bill) Franson.  He is a professor at the New England School of Photography in Boston.  

Please see Bill's website at:  http://www.billfranson.net and here is his bio:  

Bill Franson was born and raised on the north shore of Boston Massachusetts. His mother was a regional professional watercolor artist and his father an aerospace engineer. Looking back on his upbringing and influences, making art with a machine seems an obvious destination.

He studied photography at the Art Institute of Boston with a concentration in documentary photography and graduated with a BA (philosophy major, art minor) from Calvin College in 1979. He has balanced the disciplines of Commercial Photography with an exhibiting Fine Art career since graduation though a lean toward Fine Art is considerably weighted of late. There is an appealing sense of permanence-or at least a sustained presense-in Art created for the wall that is absent in commercial work.

Bill is a professor of photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston and at Gordon College in Wenham Massachusetts.

Bill’s images come from everyday life, often embracing the enigmatic and mysterious qualities of commonplace occurrences. He exhibits regularly and has won numerous awards. In 2015, 2011, and 2003 his work was included in the highly selective New England Photography Biennial at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, Ma. His photographs are held in numerous private and institutional collections.

Bill is newly represented by Rafius-Fane Gallery in Boston.

Bill is working on the focus of his workshop and I will share those details as they become available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  I am looking forward to another fun, educational, and successful retreat this year!

Barbara Zulkiewicz
Mobile:  603.422.5558
Email:  Barbara.Zulkiewicz@comcast.net