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June 2013

NHSPA June 2013 Newsletter

This month's newsletter includes official NHSPA info, and several member submissions regarding shows, workshops, and Kickstarter projects.



(excerpted from draft minutes provided by Paul Wainwright)

The 2013 annual meeting of the NHSPA was held on May 19 at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH. Approximately 35 members attended.

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by David Speltz, president.  Minutes from prior meetings were approved and Sarah Flause, treasurer, presented the financial report. There was a brief discussion about the monthly newsletter – all positive.

Barbara Zulkiewicz presented a brief report about plans for this year’s Star Island retreat (more info below).

Peter Randall announced that his digital photography workshop on Star Island will be July 27 – August 3, 2013.  He mentioned that this might be the last year he will run the workshop.

Richard Moore gave a report about the upcoming joint exhibition with the Exeter UK Camera Club at the NH State Library (more info below).

John Hauschildt gave an update on our new web site.  Individual logins will be available to members in good standing in the very near future (an e-mail will be sent to the membership with a link).  This will enable members to post their biographical information, an e-mail address and web site link, and one photograph.  For an additional annual fee of $25, members will be able to post a gallery of up to 100 photographs.  For the remainder of 2013, an ad-hoc caucus of the board members present decided that the special introductory rate will be $10.  Beginning later this fall, members will be able to pay dues directly from the NHSPA web site.

Andrew Spahr, head curator of the Currier Museum, gave an informative presentation about the museum’s photography collection.

Ron St. Jean gave a report on last January’s members’ exhibit at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery: 58 photographers showed 110 photographs, and 4 were sold.  Ron also “volunteered” to head up the next Exeter Town Hall show this coming January, and said that the exact dates will be known in the near future.  The Exeter Town Hall Gallery is currently closed for renovations following a fire (caused by lightening).

David Speltz reported that the by-laws of the organization were in need of review and revision, and got consensus from the members present that he should form a committee to do this before the next annual members’ meeting next May.

Jay Goldsmith, former president and head of this year’s nominating committee, presented a slate of candidates to fill board positions that expire in 2013.  The members voted to have the Secretary cast one unanimous vote for the slate as presented: Paul Wainwright,  Sarah Flause, David Murray, Ron St Jean, Barbara Zulkiewicz, and Claudia Rippee. Board terms are two years, so those people's terms will end in the middle of 2015. For reference, other voting board members are David Speltz, Kate Crichton, and Nevin Brown, whose terms end in the middle of 2014. Former NHSPA presidents also serve as non voting ex-officio members with no term limit. They are: Peter Randall, Gary Samson, Bev Conway, Richard Moore, and Jay Goldsmith. The board members present voted to continue with the current officers:  David Speltz, president, Nevin Brown, vice-president, Paul Wainwright, secretary, and Sarah Flause, treasurer.

In a separate email, David Speltz reports that the informal gatherings before the annual meeting were well attended and enjoyed by all. 6-8 people attended Kate Crichton's "the photographer is in" Photoshop workshop and the same number, if not more, attended Paul Wainwright's large format "the photographers is in" workshop.



(from Richard Moore)

Eyes Across the Water:  Photographers from New Hampshire and Exeter, England
    NH State Library
    20 Park Street
    Concord NH
    June 10-July 26
    Mon-Fri 8.00 am-4.30 pm

Delivery of work:
    One work per NHSPA member, maximum framed width 20"
    Deliver to NH State Library Thursday June 6 12-4.30
    OR deliver ahead to Richard Moore in Deerfield by arrangement, 603-463-7862

    Friday June 7, 9 am--

    Thursday, June 13,  5-7 pm

Questions to Richard: richard.rwmoore@gmail.com



Please give some thought to attending one of our two Star Island programs. Peter Randall's digital photography workshop is July 27 to August 3. And the 17th annual Star Island retreat is September 5-8. Signing up early helps our planning for these programs. For more info please visit nhspa.org, or contact the organizers: barbara.zulkiewicz@comcast.net (for the retreat) and petererandall@gmail.com (for his workshop).



NHSPA members Barbara Zulkiewicz and Sarah Flause have photos in the juried exhibition of cell phone photography "Can you hear me now?" at Stone Crop Gallery in York Main, running May 24 - July 8, 2013. Opening reception Saturday, June 8, 4-6pm. More info at stonecropgallery.com.



(from Laura Harper)

CALL TO ARTISTS to participate in a show by Love Grows Photography Studio & Gallery!!
102 Main Street, Newmarket NH

Exhibit Theme: Alive

Submission Deadline: June 14th @ Noon

Opening Reception: June 28th
Exhibit runs: June 28th to August 17th

All wall ready art of any media will be considered. The LGP Gallery receives a 40% commission of all sales, and there is no entry fee for submitting work.

To submit, please send quality PDF or JPEG images of one to three pieces that you would like to be considered for the show, to info@LoveGrowsPhotography.com. Please also include a short biography, an artist's statement, and the dimensions of each piece.

Accepted artists will be notified on Wednesday, June 19th. All selected artists must drop their artwork of at the LGP Gallery on Sunday, June 23rd between 9:00AM and 3:00PM.

Please contact Laura at info@LoveGrowsPhotography.com with any questions you may have.



(from Susan Lirakis)

I want to let folks know about  a photographic workshop happening through North Country Studio Workshops January 28-February 2, 2014. Registration begins June 15, 2013. "Photography: The Interpretive Image" with Eddie Soloway.

Look for more information at http://northcountrystudioworkshops.org

Explore the enormous potential of expressing your ideas, nurturing your imagination, and creating an essence of a place, all with the simple tools of a camera and a lens. This workshop leads with what you want to say, and the feelings you want to convey, and follows with an exploration of techniques to get there. Participants should have a solid, intermediate understanding of their photographic tools, including the camera and digital workflow. Materials List will be available after Registration opens.

Eddie Soloway’s photographs are the expression of his passion for the natural world. In 1998, he received the Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award presented by the Santa Fe Center for Photography, and in 2010 Photo District News named him one of America’s best photography workshop teachers. He divides his time between making fine-art prints, teaching for leading photographic institutions, speaking for National Geographic, and furthering photographic projects. His book One Thousand Moons was published in 2004, and the DVD A Natural Eye Workshop, in 2009.



(from David)

The opening for a show of my photographs from the Gulf of Maine will be on Saturday, June 1 from 5 to 8 PM at the Portable Pantry on Hanson St. in Rochester, NH. The exhibit, “Close to the Edge – Images from the Gulf of Maine”, will be up June 1 to July 30. I’d love to see you there! If you can’t make the opening, the café serves a great lunch and is still worth the trip.



(from Peter)

Peter Randall has launched a Kickstarter project  to provide some additional funding for his forthcoming film on Celia Thaxter's garden on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals. A Kickstarter project allows members of the public to support an artistic project and in return those who pledge receive a reward based on the amount pledged. The key to funding success is a chain of contacts, so take at look as the project page, then pass it on to others who you think might be interested. His Kickstarter project is here:

Peter E. Randall



(from John)

Fellow NHSPA members:

I have been awarded the First Artist in Residency in the White Mountain National Forest to the resident of New Hampshire (doesn't that seem strange?).  It is an honor and a privilege to be working with both the US forest Service in the White Mountain National Forest as well as the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.   My residency in the WMNF will be in August from the 7th until the 26th, but since I live next to the forest, I will be starting some of my work early, giving talks, artist walks and hikes and making art with children of all ages.

The largest challenge for this residency is funding.  To that end, I have started a Kickstarter to find the funds.  With kickstarter It is a numbers game.  If the average kickstarter pledge is $25 and I am looking for $5, 000 than I need to find 200 pledgers.  If it takes 100 views to get one pledge, than I need to have 20,000 people look at my Kickstart.  That is a LOT of people!  Of course If I get the average higher, than I don't need to have as many, but statistically, I should plan on finding 20,000 viewers.  This is where you come in!

Please take a look at my Kickstarter and consider pledging for one of the rewards.  This Kickstarter is important in order to make my time with the US Forest Service in the White Mountain National Forest as their Artist in Residence as productive as possible.  I describe what I am planning and I am offering some great rewards for any pledges.
Find the Kickstart here:
I will keep photos from his residency here (just some working images at this time):

You can find previous bodies of work done on Flora:
And an exciting series I have started and continue to work on, panoramas of the covered bridges in New Hampshire here:

I am excited to get started on my summer project, and thank you for your time and support.




The purpose of NHSPA's monthly newsletter is to share information of potential interest to our members, in a simple, once-per-month text-only email blast that includes official NHSPA news and brief items submitted by our members regarding their upcoming shows, workshops of interest, and things like that.

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