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April 2013

NHSPA April 2013 Newsletter

Greetings. This month's newsletter is short but important. Be sure to see updated location and logistic information from David Speltz on our annual meeting in May, and an update from Richard Moore on our upcoming show at the State Library in Concord. 

Also please remember that your submissions to this monthly newsletter are most welcome! Details at the bottom.



(from David Speltz)

The NHSPA annual meeting will be on Sunday, May 19, at the Currier Museum.  Admission for NHSPA members is free, although we will need your name in advance to ensure free admission. The formal part of the meeting will start at 2pm, preceded by an informal networking session that will start at 1pm. During that session we will try to match up people seeking help and advice on specific photography issues with appropriate advisors.  If you plan to attend the meeting, please RSVP to David Speltz (dspeltz@speltz.com).  If you wish to spend some time with a fellow photographer on technical or other issues from 1PM to 2PM, please indicate so, including what you might like help on.  If you wish to volunteer as an advisor during that period, please let David know, and what you feel best advising on.

Please note that due to normal museum security, no bags or photographs will be allowed in the museum.  Personal items may be left in the lobby secure lockers.

(Editor's note: This is also a great opportunity for you to visit the highly recommended Currier Museum, especially if you have never been, or have not seen their recent renovations. First time visitors are always amazed at how strong a museum it is, and that it has nothing to do with "Currier and Ives". There will be some interesting photographs on display in a special exhibit, and the very pleasant Winter Garden Cafe will be open for lunch before the meeting. For more info on the museum, seehttp://www.currier.org/ )



(from David Speltz)

On Sunday, June 9, renowned documentary photographer and Maine Media Workshops instructor Norman Mauskopf is schedule to present a talk to the NHSPA. Details regarding the topic, location, and time will be provided as soon as possible. 



(from Richard Moore)

Richard Moore is announcing a contest to name our upcoming show with our friends from Exeter England in the Map Room of the State Library in Concord!  The name will be featured on a huge banner opposite the Capitol as well as in statewide publicity!  Send your ideas to Richard.rwmoore@gmail.com!  Winner receives best hanging spot in the show or a live chicken, your choice!

And get your print ready for submission, one per paid-up member, maximum framed width 20". Deliver prints to State Library June 3-69-4.30, or by secret arrangement with Richard, for hanging June 7

Opening reception June 13. Show closes July 26. Help needed. 



(from Sarah Flause)

There is an opening at Panopticon Gallery in Boston, April 3rd, 5:30-7:30, for a show with Neal Rantoul's photographs of Massachusetts islands viewed from an airplane. He had told us about this project when he was our guest photographer at Star Island last September. At the same time in another area of the gallery there will be "Highlights", a selection of other photographers' works, and Frank Armstrong will have some work in that area. Frank will be our guest photographer this coming Septemberon Star so this is a great opportunity to see the types of guest photographers we host for the Star Island Retreat! 



(from David J. Murray)

The Seacoast Photographers Group (SPG) Spring Photo Exhibit opening reception will be held Saturday, April 6, 2013, from noon to 5pm at the Town Hall Gallery, 7 Front St. Exeter, NH. The show's title is "Abstraction: Abstracts and Extracts through the Lens, An abstract photography exhibit by local seacoast photographers." The show runs through May 5th, 2013. 

SPG is an interesting and fun photo meetup group based in Exeter, NH. Many NHSPA members are also members of SPG. More info at http://meetup.rumdoodle.com



The purpose of NHSPA's monthly newsletter is to share information of potential interest to our members, in a simple, once-per-month text-only email blast that includes official NHSPA news and brief items submitted by our members regarding their upcoming shows, workshops of interest, and things like that. 

The newsletter will usually be sent out around the 29th of each month. If you have info you'd like included, please email it to David J Murray (djm@ClearEyePhoto.com) by the 26th of the month. Please use the items above as a guide for writing yours. We hope there will be many contributions!

Please send comments/suggestions/questions about these newsletters to me (David J. Murray). Your feedback is most welcome!

- David Murray